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5R Renewal Stategy

5R Renewal Model

for SBD (Stress, Burnout & Disengagement)

Our 5R Renewal Programme is rooted in scientific research, demonstrating the significant risks of neglecting staff and personal well-being.
Companies that fail to invest in employee well-being face higher turnover rates, reduced productivity, and increased absenteeism.

The Facts

Harvard Business Review estimates that the annual healthcare spending due to workplace burnout is anywhere from $125 billion to $190 billion.

The replacement cost for the average worker is one-half to two times the annual salary.

•In 2022, Gallup poll indicated internationally that 9 trillion dollars was lost due to disengagement, stress, and burnout and related conditions.

Is your workforce feeling
burnt out,
and disconnected?

Turn this around with… our 5R Renewal flagship proramme which is a comprehensive, practical and interactive programme tailored for professionals like you, and your team.

“Gain insights into reasons for your reactions ( mental, physical, emotional and purpose-driven reactions).”

“Practical strategies and techniques to manage all four areas.
Creating the interconnection between all four areas (mental, physical, emotional and purpose-driven reactions) and with others.”

– Tamara & Jared

What are the outcomes of this Programme?

  • Mind – Restore Your Mind: Take control of your thoughts and self-talk. Find clarity and focus amidst chaos.
  • Physical – Revitalize Your Body: Learn techniques to manage and self-regulate the physical impact of stress.
  • Emotion – Regulate Your Emotions: Tap into resourceful emotional states and respond with resilience and confidence.
  • Purpose –  Reinvigorate Your Purpose: Uncover what truly drives you and make it a seamless part of both your personal and professional life.
  • Connection – Reconnect With Yourself & Others: Foster meaningful connections internally, and with others. 

What We Do at EQ

We enable access to personal and professional development within entire workplaces worldwide. We provide instant, measurable, cost-effective, and reliable access to personal development opportunities for all.

Our Why

To empower your employees to take conscious control of their personal and professional Development.

How We Do It

We enable our clients to solve challenges for themselves.

  • Create greater cohesion between employees and managers with a focus on EQ, self management and mangement of others.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity with organisation.
  • Streamline communication.
  • Solve Project Management challenges.

Invest in your employees’ growth and witness remarkable results!


Stronger Employee Engagement


Enhanced Hiring Processes


Reduced Personnel Turnover


Improved Organizational Productivity and Wellbeing

Join Our Tribe of Raving Fans, Clients, and Partners.

Collectively we develop and empower entire workforces, professionally and personally.

Problems Companies are Facing

In today’s multi-generational workforce, communication gaps, work preference differences, and generational biases pose challenges in collaboration and effective management.

Communication & Collaboration Challenges

A multi-generational workforce. Communication gaps, differences in work preferences. Varying levels of technological proficiency. Generational biases and stereotypes.

Ineffective Change Management

Organisations face constant change (market shifts, technological advancements, organisational restructuring.) Inability to adapt to changing organisational needs, and market demands.

Lack of Leadership & Management Development

Insufficient development of managers and team leaders. Lack of effective guidance, decision-making, and strategic direction.

Limited Staff Development

Stagnation in employee skills and knowledge, hindering professional growth and reducing overall productivity and innovation.

Ineffective Talent Acquisition

Difficulty in attracting and hiring top talent. Lack of skilled individuals, slower pace of growth.

Disengaged Workforce

Employees feel disconnected from their work and the organization, leading to decreased commitment and a sense of purpose.

The Downside of Not Coaching Your Employees

The consequence of not coaching is a disengaged and undervalued workforce, leading to increased turnover, diminished morale, and decreased organizational success, as employees struggle to find purpose and battle burnout.

Your Employees May Be Feeling…

Disengaged, unmotivated, disconnected

Lacking meaning, Lacking purpose.

Overlooked, frustrated, undervalued.

Unappreciated, seeking opportunities.

Stagnant, unfulfilled, unsupported.

Overwhelmed, fatigued , and burnt out.

The Implications to Your Company

Reduced collaboration, disengaged employees, and hindered productivity due to communication gaps, ineffective leadership, high turnover, and inadequate performance management.

  • Poor Collaboration & Reduced Team Work 
  • Unequipped Leaders & Managers
  • High Turnover & disengaged employees
  • Ineffective Change Management
  • Inadequate Staff Performance Management

The Results of

Our Coaching

Our tailored solutions, empower individuals, teams, and organizations to unlock their full potential, achieve exceptional results, and thrive in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Increased financial performance

Healthy & Engaged Employees

Talent retention and engagement

Successful change management

A culture of growth and innovation

Enhanced productivity and efficiency


Services & Solutions


Tailored guidance with our dynamic experienced coaches dedicated to empowering your entire workforce. Customized roadmap to overcome challenges, set meaningful goals, and achieve lasting success.

Group Workshops & Masterclasses

Our dynamic and tailored workshops and masterclasses are designed to enhance skills, improve wellness, foster teamwork, and drive strategic thinking and innovation. Elevate your workforce with our specialized professional development solutions.

Consulting Services

Our experienced team partners with you to overcome challenges and drive sustainable growth. We provide strategic insights and tailored recommendations across industries, optimizing processes and implementing innovative solutions.

Communication and Collaboration Workshops

Interactive workshops to improve communication and collaboration skills among team members.

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Leadership Acceleration Programs

Intensive programs to develop key leadership competencies and enhance leadership effectiveness.

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Talent Engagement and Retention Strategies

Consulting services to enhance employee satisfaction, career development, and recognition programs.

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Change Management Consulting and Training

Consulting services and training programs to facilitate smooth transitions during times of change.

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Performance Coaching and Mentoring

Individual and team coaching to improve performance, goal-setting, and feedback for continuous improvement.

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Tailor-made Coaching Programs

Tailored coaching programs & topics to enable and facilitate growth, innovation, teamwork and collaboration.

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Unlock the potential of your workforce using ElevatePRO™


Join over 100+ companies using our unique Skills Based Digital Coaching Platform Accelerating Human Performance.

What is ElevatePRO™?

ElevatePRO™ a digital coaching platform. Personal and professional development from a mindset wellness approach.

ElevatePRO™ is an advanced online digital coaching platform that carefully evaluates 32 soft skills of individuals and correlates them with the job requirements to ensure an ideal match.

The platform guides employees through a personalized and precise discovery process, offering real-time coaching, development opportunities, performance enhancement, and well-being support

By utilizing ElevatePRO™  features, organizations can attract and retain top talent, develop and retain their current staff, plan for the future, and improve the effectiveness of their leaders.

Why Choose ElevatePRO™

Accelerate Human Potential Through Technology & Coaching

Talent Acquisition

Streamlines talent acquisition by identifying candidates that align with your job criteria and culture, providing comprehensive insights into their soft skills for informed decision-making.

Talent Development Coaching

Personalised development and coaching tools for optimizing employee performance and enhancing overall organizational effectiveness. Create tailored coaching plans to unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Talent Leadership Enhancement

ElevatePRO™ empowers managers to enhance their leadership skills, driving organisational success. Access valuable resources for leadership development and growth..

Talent Agility Management

With ElevatePRO™‘s powerful features, you can attract and retain top talent, cultivate the skills of your existing workforce, plan for future success, and maximize the effectiveness of your leaders.

EQ Consulting & Coaching retains the rights to provide ElevatePRO™, offered by AGWInsights LLC.

What we offer

A Combination of Creative Coaching and Expertise

Together, Tamara Al-Halaseh and Jared Shippel form the dynamic team behind EQ Consulting & Coaching Services. With their diverse backgrounds and expertise in coaching, leadership & management development, and wellness, they bring a unique approach to unlocking the potential of individuals and organizations, using their flagship, Skills-Based Digital Coaching Platform, ElevatePRO™, to provide a tangible coaching product to elevate your people through online coaching.

Consulting and strategic coaching to unlock your organisations Potential, Purpose, People.

Our Specialties

Multi-Generational Coaching.

Executive Leadership and Management Development & Coaching.

NLP, Systems Thinking, Wellness, and Mindfulness Coaching.

Broad industry experience with a deep understanding of diverse business needs and dynamics.

Proven results in empowering individuals, enhancing leadership skills, and improving well-being.

Instilling confidence and resilience in your staff.

Meet the Team

Meet the EQ Team

Jared Shippel

Jared brings his collaborative leadership skills, cross-industry expertise, and experience in executive, business, and multigenerational coaching to the team. He is passionate about empowering individuals and organizations to reach their full potential and has a proven track record of delivering outstanding results throughout his career.

Tamara Halaseh

A Wellness Counsellor with the Association for Supportive Counsellors and Holistic Practitioners (ASCHP), Tamara holds a BA Hons in Business Management and certifications as an Executive Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. With extensive corporate leadership experience, she understands the challenges in personal growth and well-being.

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